Origem Georgsmarienhütte, Alemanha

Fundação 2010

Organização mãe Granulox


SastoMed GmbH is dedicated to developing and providing the optimal care needed to patients with wounds.


Since 2010 SastoMed committed and experienced wound care experts have developed innovative therapies for the treatment of poorly healing and chronic wounds. Following many years of intensive research in cooperation with leading universities, hospitals, and outpatient clinics Sastomed have developed Granulox® – a unique wound oxygenizer.


Although Granulox only entered the German market in 2012, it has attracted distributors from all around the world. Examples of Granulox’s effective treatment of wounds are showing up in country after country. It is the beginning of a long lasting revolution in the global treatment of chronic wounds.


SastoMed strategy and approach is underpinned by excellence in science. SastoMed work closely with a range of the best individuals in the field – from the leading scientists involved in understanding the process of wound healing through to the best clinicians and nursing practitioners from all over the world. Our view is that close cooperation with these experts will lead to development of the leading innovative wound care products.


SPCare works with 7 internationally recognized entities