Consumption of anticoagulants in Portugal

Infarmed publishes new analysis on oral anticoagulants.

Anticoagulant medications are used in the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases. For years, vitamin K antagonists and heparins were the only anticoagulants used to treat these conditions.

Since 2010, new oral anticoagulants (NACOs) have been available in the reimbursed market, which have provided a therapeutic alternative to Warfarin, since its use does not require regular laboratory monitoring, which is more convenient for the patient.

The contribution of these medicines reflects the commitment of the National Health Service (NHS) in the treatment and prevention of these diseases, promoting the average life expectancy of the citizen.

Infarmed – National Authority for Medicines and Health Products has published on its website an analysis of the consumption and expenditure of these medicines. This analysis demonstrates a trend towards increased use of these drugs.

In 2018, this use was higher in the higher age groups, with the population aged 85 years or more representing 17.3% of the total use.
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