Origem Mortágua, Portugal

Fundação 1981

Organização mãe Grupo Labialfarma


Labialfarma is a Portuguese company, founded in 1981, with manufacturing facilities in the center of Portugal, in Mortágua, its headquarters. Labialfarma is a family business currently managed by members of the 2nd and 3rd generations, with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Amílcar José dos Reis Ferraz, son of the Company’s founder.


It is the principal of the 5 companies of the Labialfarma Group, which is the largest employer in the municipality of Mortágua. It has also shown important actions of Social Responsibility, contributing to the development of the Region.


GRUPO LABIALFARMA is formed by the companies Labialfarma, S.A; LiqFillCaps International; Wellcare; Nutri-Add, which develop activities applied to the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry, and GesConsulting which provides management, tax consultancy and accounting services. All these companies work in an integrated perspective and transversal to the whole process of adding value to the final product.


The Research and Development of innovative concepts, both in the manufacture and in the packaging of manufactured products is the answer of Labialfarma to the constant challenges that the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry faces.


At Labialfarma, food supplements are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in compliance with all quality standards internationally and nationally required for the industry.


Labialfarma was the first Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Portugal, to apply the Good Manufacturing Practices to the production of food supplements.


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