Origem Milano, Italy

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At NTC novelty comes from the never ending observation and listening of our clients and patients.


Projects focus on help resolving unmet medical needs and open therapeutic issues in ophthalmology and in the other therapeutic areas where NTC operates.


NTC started an Innovation Project with the objective to identify unmet medical needs and unresolved problems in Ophthalmology and to help solving some of them with innovative therapeutic solutions to close the gap.


What matters is having the patient and his/her needs at the centre of our thoughts and use technology to support this focus.


Technology is also embedded in NTC processes to best support an effective market approach: speed in getting unmet customer needs, speed in finding new solutions, speed of implementation and flexibility in managing complexity and difficulty.


NTC try to leverage Technology both inside and outside of products.
Technology is not only innovative delivery devices, is not only pharmaceutical galenics: at NTC, Technology is converted also into packaging, QR code with multilingual illustrative leaflets, videos on “how to use the product” for patients, packaging interacting with smartphones to enhance monitoring and adhering to therapy, childproof safety systems, patient information leaflets, peel-off labels, counterfeiting prevention.


SPCare works with 7 internationally recognized entities